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Laser Lipo

laser pads that shoot little light laser beam that shrinks Fat

  • 1 h
  • 200 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Laser Lipo – Laser Lipo laser pads that shot little light laser beam that shrinks fat Laser pads are placed directly on the skin which allows the laser energy to penetrate the fat cells and temporarily perforate their membranes. The Fat cells then release their stored fatty cells and acids, glycerol, and water into the body then shrink this (results in inches loss) the body then flushes out the expelled Fat cell contents Via the Lymphatic systems or burns them as energy. Laser Lipo doesn’t remove fat but rather it empties them of its contents if the client doesn’t keep a balanced diet and do moderate exercise the fat cell are capable of storing fat again This can help you lose weight and fat reduction, it’s a great way to start a new lifestyle and or fitness journey, also great for detoxing the body. This procedure can be handled with the laser lipo pads that can be strapped to your body for a certain period of time Ideal clients: someone wanting to lose 25lbs or more Someone more concerned with problem areas more than total weight loss Someone with good skin and elasticity Areas of treatments Abdomen/stomach Tights Under chin Waistline Underarms This treatment can be performed 2x per week or as often as once every 48-72 hours Max of 2 areas done per session within 48hours time Ex: abdomen, arms within one session Non-ideal Clients – Epilepsy Currently pregnant Pacemaker kidney or liver problem Aftercare: please DRINK WATER, stay away from sugar, and Alcoholic exercise for 30 min just enough to sweat can really help with your results.

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